An experimental film, in the purest sense, is a film in which the creater had no clear sense of the outcome when they set the creative apparatus in motion.  Many of the films here are improvised, in terms of the performance and the camera.  Also included is a music video I did for the band Kali Ra

To be boring is the greatest sin of American Filmmaking.  I sin boldly here, and these may not be to everyone's tastes.  The purity of the concept takes precidence.  The performances are allowed to develop without the censorship. 

I'll start with a favorite, Lorem Ipsum.  Longtime Brittain Films colaborator secretSpeech did a brilliant origional song, over which I have layered various speeches and radio excerpts.   Courtney Harmon, who first worked with Brittain Films in Kriemhild's Dream, gives a powerful and brave performance.


Lorem Ipsum from James Brittain on Vimeo.

Here is The Laughing Woman.  The idea, of a person who cannot stop smiling, is stolen from the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs, directed by Paul Leni and staring the indomitable Conrad Veidt.  Brittain Films stawart Tiffany Cotten gives a fun performance as a woman tormented by her smile.  


The Laughing Woman from James Brittain on Vimeo.

Lady Blackstone is an improvised performance by longtime Brittain Films collaborator Tiffany Cotten. 


Lady Blackstone from James Brittain on Vimeo.

Fourth is so titled because it was the fourth film shot in this series.  It presents Cait Brasel in her first ever Brittain Films appearence.  Largely improvised, this is a character study and mood piece.  The music is longtime musical collaborator secretSpeeches' other band, crashZendo.