Ninth Through Twelfth

Ninth Through Twelfth is a free form experimental sort of affair.  I was trying desperately to get Colleen’s Story made, to complete the Three Sisters project, and was being stymied and frustrated every moment.   I never did get Colleen’s Story made, but I did shoot a bunch of random bits and pieces of things.

Part of the idea was to do a body project.  I wanted to interview people about their bodies, have them take me on a tour.  I did three of these.  The interviews were rather free form.  Nothing was agreed before hand and nobody was pressured into doing anything.

Interspersed with these interviews are various small projects.  Germs of ideas that we went and shot without thinking about them too carefully.

I quite like the end result.  It’s an odd movie that plays with the viewer’s expectations and juxtaposes disparate concepts.